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Biggest Crypto Exchanges Push for Global Presence

Cryptocurrency exchanges have an important role in driving adoption around the world, but even the biggest operations face significant challenges when trying to expand their services. The advent of Bitcoin (BTC) and the subsequent development and launch of numerous other cryptocurrencies have changed the way people look at transacting across the world. Dependency on traditional banking systems is no longer the only option available to people.

Blockchain networks and cryptocurrencies are able to bypass conventional financial systems and allow people to transact directly, without having to go through a centralized institution. In an ideal, cryptographically secure world, users would transact peer-to-peer, but there are some barriers to entry for the uninitiated. Therefore, most of those new to crypto use exchanges as their entry points into the ecosystem as they convert their fiat currency into their cryptocurrency of choice. In 2020, users are spoiled by choices with the sheer number of cryptocurrency exchanges operating internationally.

Nevertheless, a handful of these exchanges are attempting to surge ahead of the pack and establish themselves as truly global enterprises. But what are the key challenges they face, and how have they gone about building their respective empires?

This is compounded when working across borders and continents, given that many countries have their own regulations and laws around the use of cryptocurrencies and the transfer and flow of fiat currencies. Jay Hao, the CEO of OKEx, told Cointelegraph that there are a number of considerations that make for a complex and challenging business environment, which means that “most CEOs in this business don’t get much sleep.” He added:

“Growing a global cryptocurrency exchange is probably one of the most difficult businesses to be in. There are many challenges from attracting and retaining the right talent to consolidating and expanding your user base, ensuring liquidity, depth of market, and an attractive product offering. You also have to make sure that the exchange is robust and secure, can handle high unexpected amounts of volume with next-to-no downtime, all the while meeting requirements from regulators. The list of challenges is actually endless.”

In a recent interview with Cointelegraph, Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance who is otherwise known as “CZ,” stressed the importance of having a "global mindset" while maintaining a sustainable business model. In order to do this, CZ believes that exchanges need to understand the specific needs of users in different regions. “We have different approaches for various markets,” he further told Cointelegraph, adding:

“To run a global business, we have to make sure we are always offering a solid infrastructure for the users and enhance their experience, which is especially important for the 24/7 crypto space. Then, we have team members from different communities to provide customized products and services to a local market, and ensure our marketing strategy is aligned with local culture, custom and language.”

Huobi’s head of global business and markets, Ciara Sun, shared a similar idea, highlighting two major considerations that the exchange has focused on since its founding: localization and regulatory compliance. Sun told Cointelegraph that having a sound grasp of the wants and needs of users is a driving factor in launching exchange support in new regions:

“Localization doesn’t just mean offering the exchange in a new language. Users in different markets and regions each have different preferences, habits, and requirements, so we need to adapt to each audience and provide local users with highly tailored experiences.” 

As Sun explains, understanding why users in specific countries or regions are looking to use cryptocurrencies also provides some insights into what sort of offerings will work in different places: “We spend a lot of time learning the intricacies of a new market before we enter it.”

Cointelegraph also spoke to BitMEX to gauge its views on the most challenging aspects of running a cross-continent operation. A spokesperson for the company highlighted customer support as a considerable undertaking and one that requires the highest amount of its resources:

“As a 24/7 cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform serving users from around the world, our ability to provide seamless support, regardless of time zone, is an important part of our service. Our Customer Support team is now one of the largest teams within our organisation and offers support in multiple languages.”


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